Homeward bound

As our 3 days in Paris come to an end, it has to be said: a great trip with great students.

Everyone has thoroughly enjoyed themselves. “It was a trip that I’m not going to forget any time soon” said Caitlin. Steph really enjoyed seeing the Eiffel Tower. It was “an amazing experience” for Dan.

The trip was made much more enjoyable due to the impeccable behaviour of all of our sixth formers. They were really mature, polite, respectful and reliable throughout the three days; exemplary in every way. A real credit to the college and their parents.


IT Seminar 2

Students learned about Disney’s use of relational databases and SQL, digital marketing and the algorithms used to improve guest experiences. We looked at their use of CSS in the development and design of their websites, along with  the use of GUI software to develop intuitive apps for Disney visitors. The seminar concluded with an insight into their emerging use of AI to mine customer data, giving Disney an invaluable understanding of their current and prospective customers.

All contributing to that magical Disney experience.

Day 3

Last day around the parks and one of our students unintentionally checked how good the park’s IT systems actually were! Having misplaced his park pass, Disney staff were able to check the schools booking and the tickets already scanned into the park this morning. Luckily for our student (who shall remain nameless!) he was issued with a replacement pass and off he went. 😃



Disney Dream Show

A great end to a great day. What a show. Amazing fireworks and projections bring the Disney castle to life with the many characters we all know and love, and the villains we love to hate!

It was really good to see the product of all the creativity and technical hard work that takes place behind the scenes. Today’s seminar explained just how these fabulous effects happen and what is involved. In many cases taking years of planning and production.

Well worth it; a must see! Hopefully leaving our students inspired and motivated to pursue their ambitions.